Translation Services

Technical Translation

Technical Translation is specialized to a particular Field, Profession or Business. Technical Documents can be anything from Manuals to Patents. Fields include automotive, hydraulics, optics, medical, engineering, and many more.Because of its specialized nature, Technical Translations need to be performed by translators specialized in the same specific field.

Research & Verbatim Translation

Research and Verbatim transation solutions are prvided for all your market research projects related translations. We translate surveys questionnairs, verbatims responses received, transcription of the verbatims and reports generated after the marketing research performed, which helps the market research agencies to provide research solutions to their global customers.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation Service requires translators who is having very specialist knowledge; the wording for this type of document is very exact and can have no ambiguity. At our Legal Translation Service division, the Translators are selected for the legal translation on the basis of their understanding of legal implication of each phrase and experience in the legal translation.

Medical Translation

When lives are at risk, there is no option for Error, Delay or Poor Communication. Piece of wrong information can take things to serious levels. Every Medical Translation must be 100% accurate because even a single mistake can have devastating consequences. Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation is a highly specialized discipline and should not ever be carried out by suitably qualified translators.

Marketing & Business Translation

Marketing & Business translation services are unlike any other types of translations. Marketing & Business Translation is a gamut of Translation solutions for Marketing, International RFPs, Communication, Public Relations,International Business development purposes. Because Marketing & Business Translation involves much more than interpreting mere words, it takes more than a person who can simply read & write a foreign language.

Website, Blogs, Apps Translation

If you would like your Websites, Blogs, Apps to reach to the global multlingual markets, you must get them localized and translated. We have experts both in designing, localizing and translating a website, blog or App. Thus we provide best localization, translation solutions for your Website or blog. Many of our client have reached out to their global clients with your services. Reach out to us to find out some of the case studies.

Patents Translation

Patent Translation is basically the understanding of a wide range of technological fields and the top of that –quick but correct translation. Patent translators should have a combination of Patent background, linguistic ability, and years of patent translation experience to meet the highest expectations in a wide range of fields like- Telecommunication, Information Processing, Semiconductors, Medical Science and many more…

Financial Reports Translation

Financial Reports and Documents Translations are a tricky business. Our Financial Documents Translation Services experts provides quality translations for the financial sector including Banks, Investment and Insurance companies, Accounting Firms, Stock Brokerage companies and more.

Travel & Other Documents Translation

If you have a tourism or travel business, you must need your website, brochures and communication documents translated into various languages to target your tourists clients. Most of the big comanies in travel business have got their wesbite and documents translated into various languages. We provide best quality multilingual translation solutions to many of our leading travel and tourism sector clients