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Translation and Localization solutions division of which provides various patent translations solutions to our long term clients. Established in 2007 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are India’s leading language services provider for our clients worldwide.

Patent Service is basically the understanding of a wide range of technological fields and the top of that –quick but correct translation. Patent translators should have a combination of Patent background, linguistic ability, and years of patent translation experience to meet the highest expectations in a wide range of fields like- Telecommunication, Information Processing, Semiconductors,Medical Science and many more…

We, Document Translation Services deliver the accurate Patent Translation work needed by clients for correct evaluation or for filing applications in foreign or international patent offices performed by specialist with relevant experience. Generally, when both English and foreign (local) language versions are submitted, the foreign language version, which is the translation, is the controlling version. Accuracy and precise terminology are vital to preserve the integrity of the patent and protect against infringement.

We, Document Translation Services not only have maintained Reliable Quality Control & Confidentiality Systems, but also are familiar with applications for International Patents & Procedures for concluding contracts between companies. Many companies in India, USA, Japan, UK, France and Overseas have placed their utmost confidence in us for their Patent Translation needs.

All our Patent Translators translate only into their mother tongue and have an extensive background not just in Patent translation but specifically in the field of Patent Translation.

We are retained by many companies for Japanese & German Patents Translation and have translated  Patent documents from several fields.

Furthermore, we furnish our clients with translations that conform to the filing requirements of each state so that your translated Patent is ready for filing. Whether or not Translation are logically & Patently correct often determines the results of Patent Examinations. Fully aware of the heavy responsibility of Patent Translation, we maintain stable translation quality and aiming to further improve added value.

Document Translation Services provides Professional Patent Translation Service to many leadingLaw  firms based in India, Japan, U.S.A and other countries.
We adopt a Translation Methodology to translate all the documents which makes us enable to provide a process driven & quality service.

We also specialize in providing Document Translation Services for more than 100 Languages including all major European, Asian and African languages.

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Our Advantages

Our first priority is quality of delivery of our language translation and localization solutions. Our well defined 5 step methodology makes us deliver the best quality translation to our clients in India, USA, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands and worldwide.

We have the largest network of language translators, interpreters, linguists and editors worldwide. Our network is evident online on LinkedIn with our group Language Jobs (LangJobs) with more than 75000 translators and linguists.

We have translated 100 million+ words in various languages by now and continuing our translation services with our leading customers seeking document translations.

Our long 10 years of expertise in the seamless delivery of language translation, website localisation, interpretation and other language services has made us the first choice for our clients.

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