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Malayalam Language

Malayalam is also known as Kairali and is an official language of Kerala state and union territory of Lakshadweep and Mahe in India. Other than these territories and Kerala it is also spoken in near by states and expatriates migrated from Kerala to different parts of world like Gulf Countries, USA, Singapore, Australia etc. There are around 40 million people who speak Malayalam.

Malayalam Translation Services- Best Quality translation services by natives Malayalam and English Translators

Document Translation Services is a Translation division on LangJobs.com, a leading Language Solution provider in India. We are having more than 5000 translators registered with our portal and we select best out of them based on their expertise in translations. We provide best quality translation services in Malayalam into English and English into Malayalam language. Our native Malayalam translators are experienced enough with their subject knowledge in the arena of technical, medical, legal, literary or general Malayalam translation.

Malayalam translation for Technical, Legal, Medical, Patent, Software and Website, Financial , Marketing, Kaizen and Travel & Other documents

We translate all types of documents from English into Malayalam or from Malayalam into English starting from technical , legal, medical, patent, Software and website, financial, marketing and other documents. We are dedicated towards the success of your business and accountable for your business to move high and high, and so, we allocate subject matter experts for your job. These subject matter experts are native users of the language, have bilingual efficiency and bring appropriate results for any nature of documents.

We adopt the following Translation Methodology for translation process enables us to provide a process driven and quality service-

Translation Methodology

We also specialize in providing Document Translation Services for a number of other languages including-


Order your Malayalam language translation needs now. You can get an instant quote. Submit your query or request for more information by contacting us on:

Email: info@document-translations.com

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